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U.S. Scheme for Aggression on DPRK Will Come to Failure: Personages of Italy, Ethiopia

Pyongyang, November 7 (KCNA) -- Personages of Italy and Ethiopia released statements on Tuesday as regards the answers leader Kim Jong Il gave to questions put by ITAR-TASS of Russia.

Flavio Pettinari, chief of the Group for the Study of the Juche Idea, the Songun Idea in Fermo of Italy who is representative of the Italian Branch of the Korean Friendship Association, said:

Kim Jong Il's answers to questions by ITAR-TASS serve as the guidelines for the development of the DPRK-Russia friendly relations.

In the answers he made clear the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula, the issue of resuming the six-party talks and the prospect of the DPRK's relations with the U.S. and Japan.

The Korean people will continue striving to establish a fair international order against high-handed and arbitrary practices in the international arena and defend peace and security in Asia and the rest of the world.

The U.S. should abandon its hostile policy toward the DPRK.

Japan, too, should liquidate all the crimes committed against the Korean nation.

The Italian Branch of the KFA and the Group for the Study of the Juche Idea, the Songun Idea in Fermo of Italy extend firm solidarity to the Korean people in their efforts to build a thriving country and protect peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and the world.

Nigatu Dagnachew, chairman of the Ethiopian Youth Study Group of the Juche Idea, said:

In the answers Kim Jong Il stressed that any hostility of the U.S. and its moves for aggression and disintegration would never work on the DPRK but always go up in smoke. This statement is the absolute truth.

We are sure that the Korean people would build a thriving nation without fail, rallied closer around Kim Jong Il.

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