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Russia Strongly Rejects US Accusations over Human Rights

Pyongyang, November 4 (KCNA) -- The United States has recently got overheated in an anti-Russia human rights campaign, fanning up the feud and antagonism between the two countries.

In November 2009 a lawyer, who was arrested on charges of illicit fortune, suddenly died of illness while getting a preliminary interrogation in Russia. He was engaged in an international financial company.

It is reported that this case is now under investigation in Russia and so the court has not yet made a judgment on him.

Nevertheless, the U.S., styling itself as a "human rights judge", made an issue of the case to slander Russia over "human rights situation". It is advertising that in Russia prisoners would die under preliminary interrogation without being tried and judged.

Other Western countries follow the suit of the U.S. to flail Russia.

The government of Russia rebutted the accusations by the U.S. and other western countries, claiming that such action, aimed to give pressure on state institutions of Russia, is an organized political provocation which has nothing to do with respect for human rights or probe into the case.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejected the U.S. State Department's examination of a resolution on imposing sanctions on official figures of Russia as interference in its internal affairs.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia would not allow any attempt to meddle in investigation by judicial organs and give pressure on relevant organs, but take prompt counteraction if the U.S. applies sanctions.

The first vice-chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma of Russia accused the U.S. of sowing discord in the Russia-U.S. relations by means of such illegitimate method with a view to bringing the relations to the line of the Cold War or making them go beyond it.

The Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Oct. 22 said that a list of U.S. citizens Russia confirmed as persona non grata on the principle of reciprocity was ratified.

If the U.S. opts for visa confrontation, Russia has no other choice but to extend the list, it added.

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