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Socialism Represents Future of Mankind

Pyongyang, November 1 (KCNA) -- It has been 17 years since General Secretary Kim Jong Il authored celebrated work "Socialism Is a Science" on November 1, 1994.

In the work, a great charter of scientific socialism in the present era, he proved the truth and invincibility of socialism in an all-round way, saying that it is as alive as ever in the minds of the people.

He affirmed that socialism, the ideal and revolutionary banner of the popular masses struggling for independence, is sure to be revived and win in the end.

The scientific accuracy of his strong affirmation has been proved in practice.

History is dynamically advancing along the road of victorious socialism indicated by him.

Towards the end of the last century the imperialists and reactionaries fussed about the "end" of socialism with regard to the events in some countries where capitalism was revived.

They even asserted historical "end" of socialism while advertising about "eternity" of capitalism.

But the new century shows the reality quite contrary to such assertion.

Capitalism, which is based on individualism and under which social relationship is mainly characterized by class antagonism and struggle, is now in the grip of the worst crisis, rejected everywhere in the world for its structural contradiction and reactionary nature.

It has found itself in more serious crisis since it sought "globalization" while clamoring about the "end" of socialism.

Neo-liberalism brought catastrophe and misfortune to various countries as it calls for "multi-party system" and "democracy" in politics and extreme liberalism and individualism in economy.

Financial liberalization pursuant to "globalization" stoked speculation and deepened financial crisis worldwide.

The U.S. and other capitalist countries of the West which pushed ahead with "globalization" are in the grip of its whirlpool.

Capitalism was revived with the U.S. imperialism as a core after the Second World War and elated in high spirit since the end of the Cold War. But it is now being shaken to its roots from its center.

The U.S. finds itself in the bottomless abyss of ruin due to the "war on terrorism" it called Third World War, just as the past fascist powers met self-destruction in the disastrous world wars against humanity.

The financial crisis which occurred in the U.S. is developing into the capitalist world crisis, sharpening class contradiction. The revolutionary advance of the oppressed working masses such as "Occupy Wall Street" demo is being intensified on a worldwide scale.

Financial supremacy, the last mainstay of U.S. imperialism, is on the point of collapse.

Illusion about the U.S. dollars has grown thinner.

The era is coming to an end when a minority of capitalist powers have exploited and plundered a majority of countries and peoples freely.

Internal contradiction and antagonism under capitalism are also getting serious.

The imperialists find a way out of the capitalist crisis in war, as evidenced by wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and other countries of the world.

Other Western powers are following in the road of ruin taken by the U.S. for "anti-terrorism war."

Socialism is greeting a new heyday after dealing a heavy blow to capitalism.

Historical turn has been made in which the scheme of the imperialists and reactionaries to stamp out socialism ended in smoke and socialism was revived and strengthened.

More than 270 political parties have struggled to defend and advance the socialist cause under the banner of the Pyongyang Declaration.

It has become a main trend of the times to reject capitalism and aspire after socialism.

Absolute superiority of socialism over capitalism has been clearly proved in the revolutionary practice to overturn the old and create the new.

Socialists, working class, oppressed people and nations in different countries are holding aloft the banner of socialism, breaking the chain of capitalism.

The reality goes to prove that the more capitalism reveals its reactionary nature and weakness, the deeper the world people's trust in socialism grows.

The present era is that of historical turn in which the world people are dynamically advancing toward independence and socialism while capitalism is nearing its end.

Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses, man-centered socialism, is the most scientific, advantageous and powerful one.

The history of modern Korea is that of victorious socialism in which the nation's dignity and sovereignty have been reliably defended in the do-or-die showdown with capitalism.

Great victory of Korean socialism--this is the main review of the century-long history of Kim Il Sung's Korea.

Future of humankind depends on socialism as a science.

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