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S. Korean Conservative Group's Fascist Suppression of Youth and Students Lambasted

Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Youth and Students Sub-Committee of the North Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration made public a statement on Saturday slamming the south Korean group of traitors for intensifying the fascist crackdown on members of the patriotic youth and students' organizations who took the lead in the actions for independence, democracy and reunification in south Korea.

The statement branded this brutal suppression by the puppet group as a wanton challenge to the aspiration and desire of all the Koreans and an intolerable act of blocking the discussions on reunification and activities for it.

It is treating as criminals those concerned of the youth and students organizations, who legally got in touch with those of the DPRK with the permission of the former "government", after bringing against them false charges that they received "instructions" from somebody after the lapse of several years. This glaringly shows how frantic it has become in its moves to escalate the confrontation with compatriots and conspiratorial operations.

The horrifying whirlwind of brutal fascist crackdown kicked off by the group is intended to create a horror-ridden atmosphere in the south Korean society and put down the struggle of the youth and students standing in the van of the movement for independence, democracy and reunification in a bid to tide over its serious ruling crisis and stay in power.

But this will only touch off bitter resentment among the youth and students and other people at the group as it is nothing but death-bed frenzy of those thrown into a dilemma after being forsaken by the public for its bankrupt policy of confrontation with the DPRK and sycophantic, traitorous and unpopular policies.

All the youth and students in the south should join hands with broad strata of people of all social standings and wage more dynamic actions as vanguard in the struggle for making a clean sweep of the group of traitors.

The puppet group should halt at once the crackdown on patriotic youth and students and other people.

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