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Japan Accused of Reviving Militarism--KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 21 (KCNA) -- More than 60 ultra-right politicians in Japan belonging to the Association of Dietmen for Visiting "Yasukuni Shrine" flocked to the shrine to pay tribute to the Class A war criminals on Tuesday.

It is indicative of the ultra-right elements' aim to revive militarism.

It is a mockery and unacceptable insult to the Koreans and other Asian people who suffered untold misfortune at the hands of the Japanese imperialists.

The visit is aimed to show off Japan's intentions to follow the idea and will of the Japanese war criminals who went hell-bent on overseas aggression, and raise a storm of militarism in the society.

The group visit to the shrine is also aimed to make the history of its aggression and crimes in the 20th century repeat itself in the 21st century.

Serious is that the ultra-right political elements in Japan have become vocal in their demand for the prime minister's official visit to the shrine.

Koga, chairman of the Association of Dietmen for Visiting "Yasukuni Shrine", in a press conference after the visit said "it is necessary for the prime minister to make up his mind to officially visit the shrine".

When the prime minister and Dietmen did not visit the shrine on August 15, the governor of Tokyo Prefecture made a hysteric remark that "those guys are not Japanese".

The real intention sought by the Japanese ultra-right forces in persistently calling for the prime minister's visit to the shrine is to legalize the visits at any cost to stoke militarism in the Japanese society.

The revival of the Japanese militarism means the revival of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".

That's why the international community is opposed to the visits to the shrine in Japan, the only criminal state that has not settled its past and has not shaken off the ill fame of an enemy state.

The most pressing issue for Japan today is to settle its past.

That's because this year marks the lapse of 70 years since the Japanese imperialist started the Pacific War.

The issue of the Japan's settlement of its past is not one that it may or may not solve.

It is a political, moral and legal obligation Japan has to fulfill before humankind and history, an issue that must be solved whether the DPRK-Japan relations are improved or not.

Japan tries to evade its responsibility for the redemption of the past by justifying its bitter history of aggression in the last century. It is an impudent political act as well as an insult to the justice and human conscience and an act going against the times.

Japan's sordid acts to evade the settlement of the past while totally denying and distorting its history will fuel the anti-Japan sentiment of the world people.

Japan would be well advised to stop at once its criminal moves to let the crime-woven history repeat itself.

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