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Monument to Great Victory in Northern Area of Korea

Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) -- The monument to the great victory in the battle in the northern area of Korea was erected in 1708 to hand down to posterity great feats a volunteer army of Hamgyong Province performed in defeating Japanese invaders in the Imjin Patriotic War (1592-1598.)

The monument is 187 centimeters high and 66 centimeters wide.

It has an inscription about the volunteer army's victory in battles, the background of Japan's invasion and traitors' criminal acts.

Afraid of the Korean people's mounting anti-Japanese feelings, the Japanese imperialists took away the monument.

The north and the south of Korea, with concerted efforts, retook the monument in Juche 94 (2005), a centenary after it was taken away, and restored it to the original state early in the next year.

The monument stands in Rimmyong-ri, Kimchaek City, the DPRK, in witness of the Korean people's patriotic struggle against invasion and the Japanese imperialists' crimes against the Korean people.

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