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S. Korean Authorities' Fascist Oppression Flayed

Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) -- The authorities of south Korea are beefing up the repressive force through extensive rearrangement and reinforcement of machineries engaged in political supervision at home and anti-DPRK plot-breeding, including the "National Intelligence Service", prosecution and police, and recruitment of more fascists ill-famed for their past crackdown on popular masses.

They revived the "Security Measure Council" dating back to the period of military dictatorship and declared a "war against pro-north leftists", intensifying repression of the progressive forces.

In this regard DPRK major newspaper Rodong Sinmun Tuesday carries a bylined commentary, which says:

The gruesome "security-oriented political situation" is being reenacted in south Korea, which could be seen only in the period of the military fascist dictatorial regime.

The conservative group is getting more frantic in its fascist crackdown with each passing day. This is a last-ditch effort of those on deathbed as well as a revelation of the group's sinister scheme to navigate the upcoming "by-election" without trouble by quailing the activities of the forces aspiring after democratic reforms with threat and blackmail and thus maintain power.

The authorities are mistaken, if they thought that intensified fascist repression would quell the angry people and realize their ambition for coming back to power.

On the contrary, it will only hasten the ruin of the conservative "government". People never show mercy and pardon for the traitorous ruling quarters pursuing only the policy of high-handedness, suppression and fraud.

This was proven by the fact that the "Grand National Party" was defeated in the "election to local self-governing bodies" in June 2010 and the "by-election" in April 2011.

The dictators' racket of crackdown only unveils their fragility.

Neither violent repression nor anti-DPRK plot will save the conservative group from the declining fate.

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