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WPK's Popular Line and Policies Praised

Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- Miriam Pelegrini Feri, president of the Group of Dialectical Materialists of Italy, made public a statement entitled "Workers' Party of Korea's Popular Line and Policies" on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the WPK and the 85th anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union.

She referred to the fact the WPK is demonstrating its might as an invincible party enjoying absolute support and trust from the working people.

She said:

It has become a trait of the whole society in the DPRK that the popular masses thoroughly implement the line and policies of the party, regarding them as their vital requirements.

The line and all policies of the party serve as steadfast guidelines for life and struggle and a banner of victory and prosperity for the Korean people.

The WPK regards it as its basic principle of its activities to successfully defend and meet people's wishes and interests.

The popular masses are the most precious beings in the world and there is nothing more important than people's interests. This is the transparent viewpoint on the people which the WPK has maintained since its founding.

The line and policies of the WPK reflect the fundamental interests of the popular masses.

All policies of the WPK related to the people's living are absolutely supported by the masses for their validities and vitalities.

The Korean people are dynamically advancing with confidence and optimism about sure victory that they can reach a high eminence of a powerful and prosperous nation when they follow the road indicated by the party.

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