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Suppression of Workers Flayed in S. Korea

Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- Veterans of the civic and social organizations of south Korea in a press conference in Seoul on October 5 issued a declaration demanding the authorities stop the suppression of the workers in their struggle for the right to existence.

The declaration said:

Kim Jin Suk, dismissed worker of the Hanjin Heavy Industry, has been staging a sit-in for more than 270 days in a crane at the factory.

This is a proof for the present reality in which the workers' life is being pushed to the brink of a cliff.

People are supporting the workers' struggle, exclaiming the dismissal leads to death, but the "government" and the business side have failed to take any step, it deplored.

Instead, the "government", the ruling party and police are cracking down on the workers in their struggle for the right to existence, it said.

It is a unanimous desire of the workers to live in the world free from lay-off and part-time jobs, the declaration said, calling upon all the people to pool their efforts to achieve the labor right.

It urged the authorities to immediately stop the suppression of the workers.

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