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Meeting in Seoul Marks Anniversary of October 4 Declaration

Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The Media Headquarters and Academic Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration and the June 15 and October 4 People's Solidarity held a meeting in Seoul on September 30 to mark the 4th anniversary of the October 4 declaration.

Speakers at the meeting charged that the hostile policy towards the DPRK is getting pronounced under the present "regime," adding the anti-reunification conservative forces are a group of criminals who should not be allowed to exist any longer.

The most important historic task for the Korean nation is to achieve reunification and prosperity, they noted, calling for an end to the dark period under the present "regime."

A resolution was made public at the meeting.

The present reality helps confirm once again that thorough implementation of the declarations provides the south and the north with a definite way for defusing the danger of war and achieving peace and common prosperity, the resolution noted, demanding the authorities roll back their hostile policy towards the north, opt for improving the south-north relations and discontinue their fascist crackdown.

It urged them to ensure the south-north joint event marking the 4th anniversary of the October 4 declaration for the present.

The resolution called on the people from all walks of life to stage dynamic actions for independent reunification, peace and prosperity.

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