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S. Korean Authorities' Unethical Behavior Denounced

Pyongyang, October 3 (KCNA) -- The south Korean conservative authorities disallowed those concerned of the funeral committee of Presbyter Pak Yong Gil, wife of Rev. Mun Ik Hwan, who explored the road of spring of reunification, to come to Kaesong of the north to take over its condolences over her death.

Rodong Sinmun Monday comes out with a signed commentary assailing the unethical behavior of the south Korean conservative authorities.

The commentary says:

There is neither reason nor excuse for the south Korean authorities to block their way.

Like Rev. Mun Ik Hwan, Pak Yong Gil was a pro-reunification patriot who devoted her all to the democratization of south Korean society and national reconciliation and reunification.

It is an elementary moral obligation for human beings and good custom of the Korean nation handed down from ancient times to sincerely help and express condolences to neighbors when they suffer misfortunes. Therefore, the north side dispatched a special mourners group when an untoward accident occurred in south Korea to express condolences at the greatest level. However, the south Korean authorities brutally suppressed those south Korean people intending to visit Pyongyang to mourn the biggest loss for the Korean nation, far from expressing their condolences.

The south Korean conservative authorities have no face to talk about what they called "feelings."

Had they understood the aspiration and wishes of the nation for improved inter-Korean relations even a bit, they would not have blocked the bereaved family of Pak Yong Gil and those concerned of the funeral committee from meeting the north side.

The conservative group should bear in mind that the more frantically they work to escalate the confrontation with the DPRK going against the desire and wishes of people for the improvement of inter-Korean relations, peace and reunification, the deeper they will find themselves in an abyss of ruin.

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