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Achievements in Sapling Production

Pyongyang, October 2 (KCNA) -- The forestry field of the DPRK has achieved successes in putting sapling production on scientific, industrial and intensive basis.

The Central Tree Nursery of the Ministry of Land and Environmental Conservation updated its material and technical foundation. More than 200 tree nurseries of the country introduced the technology of sapling production by rotary spraying equipment, increasing the production capacity.

The Central Tree Nursery has been spruced up as befitting the mass sapling production center.

A production base of materials for paper humus-pot was newly built and facilities necessary for the production process were replenished. The annual production capacity is hundreds of tonnes. The project of water-supply and headwaters facility has been completed.

The highly profitable open-air cultivating field and a good greenhouse covering hundreds of square meters were built and a combined control room for automatically monitoring the whole production process was installed.

The nursery with increased capacity is now cultivating more than 9.3 millions of saplings of one hundred and dozens of species including Changsong Larch and Metasequoia glyptos troboides.

Provincial tree nurseries are being updated into bases for the mass production of saplings of good species.

The nursery in Pyongyang built a room for disseminating science and technology and the production process of the paper humus-pot equipped with modern facilities.

The nursery of South Phyongan Province newly made tall sapling production base covering at least 100 hectares and built the humus-pot production base. It is cultivating more than 800,000 saplings of dozens of species.

The nursery of North Phyongan Province completed nine construction projects including the 100-odd square meter grinding and mixing ground.

Jagang Province is pushing ahead with the construction of the nursery of the province with a humus-pot factory of hundreds of square meters, greenhouse, hostel and other public service facilities at the final stage.

The advanced sapling production technology has been introduced to cities and counties across the country.

Hundreds of millions of trees were planted in mountains of the country during the period of national mobilization for improving land administration in spring this year.

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