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Feature Film "Do People Know You" Produced

Pyongyang, October 1 (KCNA) -- The Korean Film Studio produced a feature film "Do People Know You".

Through the portrayal of the chairperson of a local city people's committee the film impressively shows in what spirit and by what work style the leading officials of the revolution should work and struggle at a time when a great advance is under way to improve the standard of people's living.

The heroine of the film tries hard to find out difficulties in the living of inhabitants and settle them from the very day she was appointed as chairperson, bearing deep in mind the noble intention of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

She sets right the wrong view of an official of affiliated unit who considers economic profitability more important than the interests of masses and sincerely helps her live as a genuine servant for the people. The heroine's sincerity moves all the officials and motivates them to work, aware of their mission as servants for the people.

Thanks to the efforts of the officials who take the lead in the work regarding it as joy to work hard, the people come to lead a happier life. Citizens are provided with spring water coming from a high mountain and the city is brightly lit.

The film tells when the officials sincerely work in the spirit of devotion to the people, they can be loved and respected by masses and become genuine officials to be remembered by Kim Jong Il and the people.

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