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Sharp Confrontation between Russia and U.S. over MD in Europe

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- The missile defense system in Europe is part of the military complex which the U.S. seeks to introduce to Europe.

Contradiction and friction are festering among countries, between Russia and the U.S., in particular, over the issue of the establishment of the MD.

Russia and the U.S. have divergent views and stands on this issue as they differ from each other in their strategic interests.

The U.S. claims Russia has nothing to worry as the MD is to "protect" its allies from someone's "missile threat".

What Russia demands is that the European missile shield be jointly built with it or the U.S. should give legal assurances that it is not targeted against Russia.

The above-said issue dates back to the period of the Soviet Union.

The U.S. has not withdrawn this plan but pushed forward it step by step even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The U.S. is mulling creating the third region of its position in Eastern and Central Europe till 2020.

It is the view of political analysts that if this is allowed to happen, the situation will reach such an irrevocable phase that a new arms race will start.

Russia is strongly opposed to this, saying the U.S. move to establish the MD in Europe is clearly targeted against Russia. Russia's concern is not without reason. According to information, elements of the U.S. missile shield in Europe are expected to be built in Turkey, too, in the future. If this happens, Russia will come within the operation range of the above-said missile shield.

To cope with this, recently the commander of the Space Forces of Russia clarified the stand to further develop the air and space defense system.

He said Russian-style MD similar to the one of the U.S. is being established and in the process of its completion. It was reported that the Russian MD would be made up of C-300, C-400 and the latest type C-500, main anti-air defence forces, and the fifth generation Stealth fighters and new type radar system.

Russia is poised to round off its own MD to protect Russia without reading the face of the West. It is going to increase twice the supply of all types of weapons and military technical equipment to the army in the 2011-2015 period as compared with that in the 2006-2010 period.

All these facts indicate that the sharp conflict between Russia and the U.S. will persist in the future, too, under the situation where it is hard for them to find an agreement on the issue of the MD in Europe.

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