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S. Korean Authorities Accused of Cracking down on Media

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) -- The Internet paper of Koreans in the United States Minjok Thongsin carried an article denouncing the south Korean authorities for oppressing the media.

The article said lately the south Korean authorities have enforced undemocratic policies in all fields of the society.

The authorities are evicting the presspersons aspiring after democracy and reducing the radio into their mouthpiece while shutting down the homepages of the civic and social organizations imparting truth on charges of violation of the "National Security Law," it disclosed.

The conservative forces do not hesitate to hack the homepages of the progressive media and threaten them on the phone, it deplored.

The authorities are resorting to despicable hoax to clamp down on media to divert elsewhere the public criticism of them with the help of NSL.

This is little short of self-disclosing that "liberal democracy" touted by them is nothing but undemocratic one, it added.

It is the historic task for the entire nation to force the authorities which are becoming increasingly fascist to step down.

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