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Participants in Int'l Symposium Visit Int'l Friendship Exhibition House

Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- Delegations and delegates of different countries participating in the international symposium in commemoration of Kim Il Sung University's 65th anniversary visited the International Friendship Exhibition House on Thursday.

They paid tribute to the wax replica of President Kim Il Sung in the exhibition hall with boundless reverence.

They looked round the gifts the President and leader Kim Jong Il received from heads of parties, states and governments and prominent personages in many countries of the world.

After visiting the exhibition, Chen Chunsheng, vice president of Sun Yat-sen University of China who is leading the delegation of the university said he admired at the precious gifts associated with the boundless reverence of the world progressives for Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

After going round the gifts, Wang Shuguo, president of Harbin Institute of Technology of China who is heading the delegation of the institute, noted that each gift reflects the people's praise of the great men.

Sun Yuhua, president of Dailan Foreign Languages University of China who is heading the delegation of the university, said that Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are possessed of high international authority and virtues. He more keenly felt this after visiting the exhibition.

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