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Only Six-party Talks without Preconditions Can Prove Successful: Newspaper

Beijing, September 20 (KCNA) -- The Chinese People's Daily Monday carried an article titled "'With No Precondition' Is Main Precondition".

The September 19 joint statement adopted at the fourth six-party talks six years ago is a document containing the most practical contents among the documents produced by the talks, the article said, adding:

The spirit and significance of the statement are not old. The road map indicated by the statement is of pressing, realistic significance.

The present situation of the Korean peninsula is complicatedly intertwined with the changed situation of the region and domestic policy switchover of the parties concerned.

The external policies of south Korea and the United States have ever become different along with the change of ruling party.

What is most typical is that south Korea's policy has turned into "no nuke, opening and 3 000 dollars" from "sunshine towards the north".

In recent years, the DPRK's foreign policy has remained relatively stable. Its concerns are very clear. One of them is that it will accept conditions after having rights to a peaceful use and development of nuclear energy guaranteed and receiving necessary assistance. Another one is that it wants security guarantee with military exercises staged in surrounding seas.

At present, environment for confidence restoration should be provided without fail.

If all sides want to tell their pent-up grudge, they will find no way of sitting together. Only when they resume peace talks without any preconditions, can they have hope for success.

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