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Kim Jong Suk's Feats Recorded in KPA Building

Pyongyang, September 20 (KCNA) -- Recorded in the glorious history of the heroic Korean People's Army are great feats Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero, performed in the building of regular armed forces.

After the liberation of the country from the Japanese colonial rule, the hero, deeply aware that only with rifles could one defend the fatherland and the revolution, devotedly worked for the implementation of the army-building line advanced by President Kim Il Sung.

She visited the Pyongyang Institute many times to guide it to fully discharge its mission as a school for training military and political officials in liberated Korea.

During her inspection tour of the Central Security Officers School, she suggested new education programs needed to arm the cadets with Juche-based military ideas and tactics created by the President.

When the President took a measure to launch an air department in the Pyongyang Institute, she indicated ways for building flying corps and airports in the country.

One day, she met the newly appointed principal of the Maritime Security Officers School and told him to train as quickly as possible personnel capable of properly commanding maritime battles and operating modern warships.

True to the President's intention to manufacture Korean military uniforms, she frequently went to a garment factory and encouraged its workers to boost the production of uniforms and other military things.

What she did for army building always remains in the memory of the Korean people.

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