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S. Korean Authorities Requested to Respect Reunification Proposal by Federal Formula: Bangladeshi Organization

Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- The Bangladesh Group for the Study of the Songun Policy issued a statement on Sept. 7 in support of the statement released by a spokesman for the Disarmament and Peace Institute of the DPRK Foreign Ministry.

The inter-Korean relations rapidly deteriorated and the situation on the Korean Peninsula was pushed to the state of confrontation close to the brink of war since the conservative regime denying the June 15 joint declaration emerged in south Korea, the statement said, and went on:

The proposal for reunification by means of federation is one which calls for founding a federal state and reunifying the country on the condition that the north and the south recognize and tolerate each other's ideas and systems. This fully conforms with the reality of Korea.

We strongly demand the south Korean authorities opt for respecting the proposal for reunification by federal formula on which the north and the south agreed, free from the illusion in order to defuse the tension on the peninsula and improve the north-south relations.

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