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Kim Il Sung's Feats Performed in Nation-Building Praised by Foreign Papers

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) -- Foreign papers carried special-write-ups illustrated with photos of President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk on the 63rd anniversary of the DPRK.

The Russian paper Raboche-Krestiyanskaya Pravda No. 9 said in an article titled "DPRK" that the founding of the DPRK marked a new landmark in the history of the Korean nation.

The key to all victories won by the DPRK is the firm unity of all the people around the party and the leader, the article noted.

The Indian paper Passion India on August 29 carried articles under the title of "On 63rd Anniversary of DPRK".

In an article headlined "President Kim Il Sung's feats in nation- building" the paper said the Korean people are holding Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the eternal President of the DPRK as his feats in nation-building are great, indeed.

His feats in nation-building will shine forever along with the eternal prosperity of socialist Korea, it stressed.

The September issue of the Bulgarian paper Iskra devoted one whole page to an article titled "Founder of DPRK" and other articles.

The paper introduced in detail the feats the President performed by founding and strengthening the DPRK. It went on: His feats are being successfully carried forward by Chairman of the National Defence Commission Kim Jong Il. The military power of the DPRK and the single-minded unity of the whole society have reached the highest level under his Songun leadership for the last several decades.

The Cambodian paper Pracheachon on August 31 carried an article. It said: Under the wise leadership of the peerlessly great persons the DPRK has turned into a genuine people's country which firmly guarantees the people's right to independence and their material and cultural life.

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