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Naval Base Construction Hit by Opposition Parties and Organizations in S. Korea

Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) -- Opposition parties in south Korea protested against the authorities' oppression of those in their actions against the naval base construction, according to the south Korean CBS on Friday.

Representatives of the Democratic Labor Party and the Democratic Party demanded the withdrawal of the violent forces, strongly denouncing the hurling of the riot police into Jeju Island.

Opposition party members from the Jeju Provincial Assembly noted that they would check the passage of the budget on the naval base construction next year.

The Measure Council for Checking the Construction of Jeju Naval Base of south Korea and the All-Islanders Measure Committee for Checking the Jeju Military Base and other organizations held a press conference in Seoul on Thursday where they expressed their will to stand against the fascist crackdown by the authorities.

At the conference the speakers noted the "government" issued a joint statement calling for resuming the construction of naval base, creating a terror-ridden atmosphere.

They said they would come out in the massive actions against the construction of the naval base, stressing they can not remain an on-looker to the "government" which turns a deaf ear to the just voice of the popular masses and inflicts only sufferings on them.

Meanwhile, more than 300 religionists from various parishes of the south Korean Catholic Church, staged a demonstration against the naval base construction of the authorities in the vicinity of Kangjong village of Sogwipho City, Jeju Province on Thursday.

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