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S. Korean Police's Scheme to Reinforce Repressive Forces on Jeju Island

Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) -- The fascist police are contemplating reinforcing the repressive forces on Jeju Island to crack down on actions against the Jeju naval base construction, according to south Korean KBS.

On August 31 an officer concerned of the puppet Police Agency disclosed that at least 490 police troops including four units of the Seoul Riot Police Corps would be additionally hurled into the island under the pretext of dealing with a meeting for protesting against the base construction slated to take place on coming Saturday.

The chief of the Police Agency appeared at Soguipho police station in July and blustered that he would more strongly deal with the actions against the base construction. On August 14 he hurled more than 600 police troops heavily armed with repressive gears into Kangjong Village from the inland.

The fascist authorities issued an emergency alert order to all the police forces on Jeju Island and instructed them to keep themselves to go into action once protest actions take place.

Meanwhile, the puppet authorities are kicking up a wholesale repressive campaign against those opposed to the project. They walked off and detained islanders and civic activists including the chief of the Kangjong Village Association and arrested Rev. Mun Jong Hyon on the charge of disturbing the performance of their duty.

Various circles in south Korea are denouncing the authorities for working hard to revive the nightmare of the April 3 incident on Jeju Island, strongly demanding the withdrawal of the police troops and a stop to the base project.

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