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Pochonbo Revolutionary Battle Site

Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- The Pochonbo Revolutionary Battle Site is a time-honored place in which President Kim Il Sung guided a battle to victory during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

It is located in the town of Pochon County, Ryanggang Province.

The battle, conducted on June 4, Juche 26 (1937), demonstrated the might of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, inspiring the Korean people suffering from the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule with the belief that the Koreans were alive and that they could surely win in the fight against them.

Kim Il Sung made a historic speech "Let Us Fight on Staunchly for the Liberation of the Fatherland" before Pochonbo people, encouraging them with the conviction of victory in the struggle.

In order to hand down the great exploits of the President through generations, Korean people erected his statue and built the Pochonbo Revolutionary Museum in the battle site.

Preserved in the site are a spot where the President had a rest with the guerrillas, Kouyushui Barrage, Konjang Hill, command post of the battle, Japanese police post, subcounty office, fire station, forest conservation office, shop, agricultural experiment station, post office, restaurant and battery built by the Japanese imperialists.

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