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Withdrawal of Statue of Former Dictator Urged in S. Korea

Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- The south Korean paper Kyunghyang Daily News in an article on August 27 called for withdrawing the statue of Syngman Rhee who earned an ill fame as heinous sycophantic traitor and dictator.

The article said:

Many things done by the present regime since its appearance while letting loose a spate of flowery words were common in their illegality. A ceremony of unveiling the statue of Syngman Rhee held in Seoul on August 25 is a typical example.

It is quite illogical to hold the unveiling ceremony in view of the crude violation of democracy perpetrated by Syngman Rhee and the circumstances of pulling down of his statue in Seoul during the April 19 Uprising.

To rebuild his statue is illegal and an insult to those who participated in the uprising.

Another problem is that the organization which built the statue is the General Federation for Freedom backed by the "government".

The federation receives billions of won from the "government" every year. The organization spent 350 million won collected from the people as taxes to build the statue.

The article called for pulling down the statue at once, demanding the federation and the "government" make an apology to the people.

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