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S. Korean Regime's Action to Cover up Truth behind "Cheonan" Sinking Case Disclosed

Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- Sin Sang Chol, member of the joint group for investigation into the "Cheonan" ship sinking case, on Aug. 26 posted on Internet radio "Voice of People" an article on the south Korean puppet authorities' base action to hide the truth about the case.

He recalled that the prosecution sued him and Seoul Central District Court put him on a trial on Aug. 22 for the mere reason that he disclosed the truth about the case.

Right after the sinking, the stranded ship sent SOS signals, he said, adding that those facts were recorded in such data as the reports submitted by the navy and maritime police.

The military authorities, however, kept the information about the ship's navigation and exchange of telegraphic messages and the operation of the engine from being disclosed and groundlessly ignored the ship's possibility of getting stranded and collided with other ship.

He continued:

Though the bow of the ship was discovered just 9 hours after the occurrence of the case, the military told reporters a lie that the work to find the bow was still going on. Even though shell pieces and other organisms were found on the side of the wrecked torpedo, the military ignored those evidence.

There are ample stories that do not match with the south Korean authorities' theory of the ship's sinking. They include the testimonies made by the survivors that they did not smell gunpowder at all, the fact that nobody witnessed the shoal of fishes dead as well as water column at the time of the ship's sinking and the fact that a fluorescent lamp and gas turbine at the place the ship was cut into two remained undamaged.

This could be attributable to the ship's collision with a sub.

He said that anti-sub drill being staged in the waters at issue and the video showing a certain object going against the sea current by powerful engine immediately after the break of the ship into two parts indicate the great possibility of the collision between the ship and a submarine.

He said he revealed the facts at a trial, expressing his will to exert efforts to disclose the truth about the case in the future, too.

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