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Songun Politics Lauded

Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- Lectures, seminars, round-table talks, film shows and photo exhibitions were held in Italy, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Nigeria from Aug. 19 to 23 on the 51st anniversary of start of Songun revolutionary leadership by Kim Jong Il.

On display in the venues were works of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, photos, books and magazines on their immortal exploits and photos of the invincible might of Songun Korea.

Films shown included "Arms of Korea," "Fireworks for a Thriving Nation" and "Country Shining with Arms of Mt. Paektu".

Osvaldo Pesce, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Unified Communist Party of Italy, said that socialism of the DPRK which put forward the army as the main force will always emerge victorious.

Songchit Pullarp, chairman of the Organization for the Study of the Juche Idea of Thailand, said that Kim Jong Il is a peerlessly brilliant commander with gifted military wisdom, strategy and tactics and outstanding commanding art and that as long as there is the Songun leadership the peace and security in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia will be firmly safeguarded.

M. M. Alhassan, chairman of the Nigerian National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea, and other speakers noted that the Songun leadership is the traditional leadership mode in Korea. Reality of several countries helped them realize that the Songun politics is the most perfect political mode, they added.

M. Gamrul Huda, chairman of the Bangladesh Institute of the Juche Idea, spoke highly of Kim Jong Il who has brilliantly carried forward the Songun idea and exploits of Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Il formulated the Songun politics as the basic political mode under socialism and advanced victoriously the Juche revolution in reliance upon the strong military power, he added.

Messages to Kim Jong Il were adopted at the events in India.

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