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DPRK's Important Day Marked by Kuwaiti Organizations

Pyongyang, August 28 (KCNA) -- The Kuwaiti preparatory committee for commemorating the centenary of birth of President Kim Il Sung and the Kuwait-DPRK Friendship Association jointly issued bulletin on August 22 on the 51st anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's start of the Songun revolutionary leadership.

In an article titled "Kim Jong Il, Songun leadership and modern Korea" the bulletin said he started the Songun revolutionary leadership long ago by inheriting the President's line of attaching importance to the army and military affairs, drawing the lesson of history that if the country and nation aspiring after independence and justice are weak, they are bound to fall victim to aggression and injustice.

It is thanks to his 50 odd year-long Songun revolutionary leadership that the military power of the DPRK has been remarkably strengthened, the article said, and went on:

The strong military power of the Korean People's Army was clearly proved by the fact that it made a merciless retaliatory strike at the provocation of the south Korean puppet group in the waters off Yonphyong Island in the West Sea of Korea last year.

The single-minded unity of the Korean society has been put on the highest level thanks to his Songun revolutionary leadership.

The single-minded unity between the leader and all the servicepersons and people in thinking and purpose is peculiar to this country only.

It is the most powerful might which no nukes can ever overpower.

World-startling changes have taken place in all fields including the economy of the country thanks to his Songun revolutionary leadership.

The appearance of the DPRK is changing beyond recognition under his leadership.

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