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Koryo Law Office

Pyongyang, August 25 (KCNA) -- The Koryo Law Office (KLO) started legal service in the DPRK a few years ago.

KCNA had an interview with Ryo Sung Chol, director of the office, as regards its legal service.

Question: Can you tell me about the mission of KLO?

Answer: KLO provides legal service and assistance to institutions, enterprises, organizations and individuals.

Its activities are strictly based on the DPRK Socialist Constitution, Law on Behavior of Lawyers, Civil Law, Code of Civil Procedure, Law on Compensation for Damages, and other relevant legislations and regulations, as well as internationally recognized law and customs.

When requested by any institution, enterprise, organization and individual at home and abroad, KLO provides consultation service, works out necessary documents, and acts as an agent or advisor in commercial disputes, civil suit and other areas.

KLO takes a great pride in its experienced staff members who are good at domestic and international law and foreign languages.

Question: Can you give me details of consultation and working out of documents?

Answer: KLO provides information concerning the DPRK law and judicial system, matters arising in the law enforcement, other countries' law and regulations, international conventions and order and issues related to civil, trade and maritime cases.

It works out, examines and completes contract-related documents, litigation dossier, reply letters, arbitration-related documents, application for notarization and other notarizing documents.

It also informs clients of the veracity and legal effects of evidentiary documents and witness statements, and appraises values of securities and provides assistance concerning the recovery.

Question: How do agents and advisors protect the rights and interests of corporate bodies?

Answer: With due authorization from clients at home and abroad, they act as their agents on civil lawsuit including contract conclusion, settlement, claims and compensation for damages.

They assist principals in the enforcement of court orders, awards and arbitrations concerning commercial and civil disputes and undertake, on behalf of principals and in accordance with civil code, such legal actions as property inheritance and donation.

They file lawsuit, as requested by principals, or refer a commercial or civil dispute to arbitration and plead at the bar in litigation and arbitration to defend the rights and interests of clients.

Requested by institutions, enterprises or organizations, they may be temporarily or permanently invited to help address the legal problems arising in their activities.

Question: With what foreign legal organizations does KLO have contact?

Answer: KLO renders international services on terms of exchange and cooperation with well-known international law organizations and capable law firms in different countries.

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