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S. Korean Conservative Forces' Extreme Violence Slammed

Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- A deputy spokesman for the Democratic Labor Party of south Korea on August 16 issued a commentary denouncing the conservative forces for their extreme violence.

On August 15 a member of a conservative organization committed violence against Jong Tong Yong, executive chairman of the Democratic Party, who participated in a meeting for settling the registration fee issue, the commentary recalled.

This is nothing but violence against the forces which demanded cutting down of the registration fee by half and reckless terrorism against the progressive opposition parties calling for a pro-common people policy, it charged.

The recent extreme violence of the conservative organizations going beyond the tolerance level can never be pardoned, it held, and continued:

What merits a more serious attention is the attitude of the police shielding the rowdyism of the conservative forces, feigning ignorance of it. The police action quite contrary to the indiscriminate suppression of the meeting of progressive forces is, in fact, little short of fully revealing the fact that it is helping the conservative forces.

Standing behind violent actions being perpetrated by the conservative forces under the patronage of the police are the present "government" and the "Grand National Party", it stated.

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