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S. Korean Intelligence Service Accused of Cooking up Conspiratorial Case

Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- The Family Movement for Realizing Democracy in south Korea held a rally on August 4 denouncing the Intelligence Service for cooking up a conspiratorial case.

It was attended by staff of the magazine Minjok 21 and families of the victims of the "spy ring case" faked up by the IS.

At the rally speakers accused the authorities of suppressing the magazine after carrying out a wholesale search operation against it though it has conducted legitimate press activities for national reconciliation, cooperation and peaceful reunification since its founding.

Recalling that when announcing the results of investigation, the IS mentioned one time the name of this institution of the north and that of the other one the other time as evidence proving that they gave instructions to the magazine, they queried how could they trust those results. The magazine has never received such instructions and there has been no institution that issued instructions, they added.

They went on:

The IS banned lawyers from meeting with those concerned of the "spy ring case" and heaped invectives on them, keeping them handcuffed. Worse still, it is violating the rights of families of the detainees, charging them with linkage with the north.

In a word, the above-said spy ring case is a fabrication. The lie is bound to be probed in face of truth.

They demanded the authorities disband the IS at once over the conspiratorial case and fire its Director Won Se Hun.

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