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Ryongjong Fish Propagated Nationwide

Pyongyang, August 2 (KCNA) -- Ryongjong fish has been propagated all over the DPRK.

The polyphagous fish, not sensitive to water quality, is very profitable in fish breeding.

It weighs two to six kilograms in two or three years under good water and feeding conditions.

In November last year, General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited the Ryongjong Fish Farm. He saw ponds teemed with a species of carp and acquainted himself with its specific features. Learning that the farm was the first to breed the fish in the country, he suggested calling it Ryongjong fish and propagating it nationwide.

Since then, a lot of Ryongjong fish spawning and breeding farms have been built in the country.

Having established a scientific seed fish cultivation and supply system, the Ryongjong Fish Farm has sent fries to many other fish farms this year.

Ryongchon County, North Phyongan Province, has also bred some 100,000 fries and sent them to fish farms.

Poman, Yomju, Yonggwang and many other fish farms throughout the country have begun to raise Ryongjong fish.

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