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Chinese Newspaper Accuses West of Abusing Anti-Terrorism Issue
Beijing, July 25 (KCNA) -- The Chinese newspaper Beijing Daily carried an article titled "Chinese Can Never Accept West's Unreasonable Logic" on July 22.

Some Western media spread misinformation as regards China's protest against the U.S. president's meeting with the Dalai Lama and the country's proper dealing with violent and terrorist incidents in Xinjiang, the daily said, adding:

Such misinformation is not the first for Western media. It is not the first time either for them to apply double standards in judging China combating divisive moves and violent and terrorist activities.

From the historical point of view, the United States and other Western nations have often played a disgraceful role in such activities in other countries, developing nations in particular. Taking Tibet as an example, Britain began openly stretching out its claws of aggression to Tibet in the late 19th century. Failing in two invasions, it instigated separatists to claim "independence of Tibet", trying several times to attain its goal to divide China in international arenas.

After the end of the Second World War, the United States began interfering in the Tibet region. It was directly involved in a rebellion in Tibet, attempted to help the Dalai Lama escape from the region and disturbed the situation of the border area through assaults. It also supported the Dalai Lama group to conduct protracted divisive activities in the international community. It is still refusing to take its hands off Tibet.

In recent years, the West's moves for Chinese division are not confined to Tibet only. The West supported the separatists in Xingjiang by all means and even incited violence and terrorism there. Western forces were behind all terrorist acts committed in Xinjiang in recent years.

We must be clearly aware of it and discard a naive dream that the West would support China in anti-terrorist battle. We must defend unity and solidarity and categorically reject the West's persistent interference in Chinese affairs.

The world has many lessons we must learn. The U.S. chooses its allies for the sake of its interests, leaves no stone unturned for destruction and disturbance, cause unrests in other nations and regions and even interfere in their affairs by force of arms.

If a nation favors the West, it is termed a champion of freedom, democracy and human rights, enjoying support from the West.

If a nation opposes the West, it is branded as dictatorial and cruel state and terrorist organization, becoming a target of the West's attack. This is just the far-fetched logic proper to the Western nations, particularly the U.S.

The logic makes it difficult to identify who supports terrorism and violence. In fact, many countries were put to shame due to Western countries' double standards and misinformation. China also suffered a heavy loss.

As regards the anti-terrorism issue, China will join in international cooperation but will oppose slandering and groundlessly blaming others for one's own purpose. It will never allow others to interfere in its internal affairs under this or that pretext.

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