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Worthwhile Life under Care of Great Leader (23)
Pyongyang, July 26 (KCNA) -- There happened a great jubilee in the country in July 2002.

Leader Kim Jong Il read a letter of thanks from Ri Jae Ryong, a former unconverted long-term prisoner, and his wife, greatly excited by the birth of a daughter of their happy family under the care of the socialist homeland, and sent the following autograph to them:

"I propose naming the baby Chuk Bok as she was born amid the blessings of the people across the country.

Kim Jong Il July 23, 2002."

Words failed to express thanks to him for projecting the former unconverted long-term prisoners as indomitable pro-reunification patriotic fighters and men strong in faith and will. And that time, he was so meticulous as give the name to their first baby. The warm care shown by the leader was the great fatherly love to be handed down generation after generation.

Ri Chuk Bok, who was happily growing under the care of the leader, sent during her kindergarten days a letter to him, pledging herself to become as good person as her father and repay his boundless solicitude.

A three-year pupil of Pyongyang Changjon Primary School, she is now stoutly growing, given an ample opportunity of learning.

Not only Chuk Bok but all other children across the country are leading a happy life and the people are working hard to build a thriving nation thanks to the blessings of the great sun. This is the brilliant reality and the future of the socialist country.

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