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Report on Results of Local Election in DPRK Released
Pyongyang, July 26 (KCNA) -- The Central Election Guidance Committee of the DPRK on Tuesday released a report on the results of the election of deputies to local people's assemblies.

According to the report, the election of deputies to the provincial (municipal), city (district) and county people's assemblies was successfully held at all the constituencies across the country on Sunday as required by the law on the election of deputies to the people's assemblies at all levels.

According to the election returns available from the election committees of provinces (municipalities), cities (districts) and counties, 99.97 percent of all the voters registered in the lists took part in the election and voted for the candidates for deputies registered in the relevant constituencies.

Only those on foreign tour or working in oceans could not take part in the election.

28 116 workers, farmers, intellectuals and officials who have devotedly worked for improving the standard of people's living and building a thriving nation true to the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea were elected deputies to the local people's assemblies.

The recent election fully displayed once again before the world the unshakable faith and will of the Korean people to realize without fail the wish of President Kim Il Sung for a thriving nation by adding steady spurs to the Chollima of Songun and to an all-out offensive, united close around the WPK Central Committee headed by leader Kim Jong Il. It also fully demonstrated the might of the single-minded unity of the revolutionary ranks and advantages of Korean-style socialism.

The election marked an important occasion in consolidating the people's power of the DPRK by building new local power bodies with able officials, representatives of workers, farmers and intellectuals who are devoting themselves to the party and the leader, the country and its people and dashing ahead at the head of the advance for a great surge to improve the standard of people's living while pushing back the frontiers of the latest science and technology.

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