calendar>>July 24. 2011 Juch 100
99.97 Percent of Voters Participated in Local Election
Pyongyang, July 24 (KCNA) -- The election of deputies to the provincial (municipal), city (district) and county people's assemblies of the DPRK was successfully held on Sunday.

According to data available from the Central Election Guidance Committee, 99.97 percent of voters except those on foreign tour or working in oceans participated in the election as of 18:00.

Those who were not able to go to the polling stations due to old age, illness, etc. cast their ballots into mobile ballot boxes.

All voters took part in the election with the revolutionary will to demonstrate the high spirit of Juche Korea making a leaping advance toward a thriving socialist nation and consolidate people's power under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il through the election.

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