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Some Areas of DPRK Hit by Heavy Rain
Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) -- Some areas of the DPRK were affected by heavy rainfalls caused by the front hovering over the central part of the country.

From 06:00 Tuesday to 09:00 Wednesday, Sohung, Koksan, Sinphyong and Rinsan counties, North Hwanghae Province had 201 mm, 161 mm, 141 mm and 137 mm rainfalls respectively and Thaethan, Chongdan, Pyoksong and Ongjin counties, South Hwanghae Province had 177 mm, 139 mm, 120 mm and 113 mm rainfalls.

It rained more than 100 mm in most areas of South Phyongan, South Hamgyong and Kangwon provinces and Kaesong City.

From 21:00 to 24:00 Tuesday, there were an 89 mm downpour in Thaethan County and 62 mm in Samchon County in South Hwanghae Province and 61 mm in Nampho City. It rained 80 mm in Sohung County, North Hwanghae Province and 63 mm in Sinyang County, South Phyongan Province from 03:00 to 06:00 Wednesday.

Heavy rains are likely to fall throughout the country until July 16.

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