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Hyon In Thak Group's Anti-Reunification Education Flayed
Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) -- The group of Hyon In Thaek, minister of Unification of south Korea, massively produced and distributed new textbooks recently under the signboard of "unification education".

Rodong Sinmun Monday observes in a bylined commentary in this regard:

The above-said textbooks which the group claimed they are for "unification education" are, in fact, anti-reunification ones which do not contain such elementary expressions related to reunification as dialogue and cooperation but are full of such hackneyed phrases for confrontation as "threat from the north" and "provocations from the north."

Such gangster-like acts of using inviolable education for the purpose of confrontation between the north and the south are unpardonable acts of treachery which can be perpetrated only by those who are dead-set against reunification.

The publication of the above-said textbooks has been supervised by Hyon from its very beginning to the end.

What merits a serious attention is that the gentry of the ministry is set to distribute the textbooks not only among all primary, middle and high schools, libraries and other educational and research institutions across south Korea but among all inhabitants.

This hooliganism once again brought to light Hyon's true colors as a traitor to the nation and an anti-reunification maniac keen on the moves to escalate the confrontation with fellow countrymen and ignite a war, utterly indifferent to reunification.

The more desperately the group of traitors work to escalate the confrontation, the earlier it will meet its ruin, warns the commentary.

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