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Advantages of Socialist Labor System
Pyongyang, June 24 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung promulgated historic Labor Law 65 years ago, ushering in the new era of independent and creative labor life for the Korean people.

The President indicated the most correct way of solving the labor issue in "The Ten-Point Programme of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland" long ago. On June 24, Juche 35 (1946) he promulgated "The Labor Law for the Workers and Office Employees in North Korea". It was a great event that declared the new and genuine labor system for the working people.

The socialist labor system in the DPRK has been steadily consolidated and developed along with the triumphant advance of the Korean revolution under the wise leadership of the party and the leader, demonstrating its advantages and vitality.

During the period of building a new country, the state made sure that responsible measures were taken for labor protection. It introduced social insurance and security systems and reassessed wages of workers despite the shortage of everything. These measures fuelled the enthusiasm and creativity of the working people, who became masters of the country.

In 1951, during the Fatherland Liberation war, the state took a measure of rebuilding sanatoria and rest homes.

The Cabinet made a decision on enforcing the Labor Law in the southern half of the republic in August 1950 and a decision on state social security in August 1951.

A number of policies were put into force in the postwar period of rehabilitation and socialist construction. They included a Cabinet decision on increasing medical service for workers, technicians and office workers in June 1954 and a decision on cutting down working hours for nursing mothers in October 1966.

The Socialist Labor Law, original labor charter, was promulgated on April 18, 1978, in particular, indicating the way for the final solution of the labor issue. It marked an important occasion in giving full play to the advantages of the labor system in the DPRK.

Leader Kim Jong Il published the famous work "On Improving Labor Administration" on November 27, 1989. It brought about a new turn in thoroughly implementing the Socialist Labor Law and establishing the revolutionary way of working in the whole society.

When the country was in difficult condition during the period of the arduous march and the forced march the state granted working people such social benefits as free education and free medical care systems as well as social insurance and security systems so that they might enjoy a worthwhile and cultured labor and emotional life.

Thanks to the policies of the party and the state for the people's labor safety the working places have been equipped with excellent facilities for labor protection. A high level of cultured practice in production and life has been established with full hygiene conditions.

Hundreds of sanatoria and rest homes have been built for the people in beauty spots including Mts. Myohyang, Chilbo, Kuwol and Jongbang.

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