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Food Culture Develops in DPRK
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Food culture is now in full bloom in the DPRK with more catering centers appearing in Pyongyang and localities which help lay a solid foundation for its development.

Okryu Restaurant turned into a national food and specialties center with sturgeon aquaria and turtle breeding ground. The specialties hall of the restaurant which opened its door last November serves sturgeon, quail and other dishes together with peculiar national dishes.

Chongryu Restaurant has been renovated in formative and artistic ways. Fully equipped with the latest facilities the restaurant has become another excellent service center for the people.

Other popular public catering centers have also been renovated. They include Ryonmot Restaurant, Pyongyang Noodle Restaurant, Hot Rice Restaurant in Kumsong Street, Chilgol Folk Restaurant, Pyongyang Catfish Soup Restaurant.

A glutinous rice-cake house and pancake bar and raw liquor bar appeared in Folk Street in Sariwon City. Lots of national food restaurants and eateries can also be seen in provincial, city and county seats in South Phyongan, South Hamgyong and Ryanggang provinces.

The Korean Association of Cooks and the General Bureau for Service for People have worked hard to find out more traditional national food and local dishes and put their cuisines on scientific and standardized basis.

Annual food festival of diverse forms and methods and specialty exhibition, national dishes exhibition, technical workshop and sampling parties also promote the development of the food culture.

At the 16th April Holiday Food Festival this year, over 1,000 national dishes including mung bean and potato dishes drew attention of the participants.

Some restaurants serve world famous dishes including ostrich and eel dishes, pizza, spaghetti, hamburger, fried catfish with fruit sauce.

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