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US Denounced for Seeking New Pretext for Use of Force
Beijing, June 9 (KCNA) -- China's Liberation Army Daily on June 8 carried an article titled "U.S. seeks out new excuse for using arms externally". It said:

The U.S. Defense Department will make public its first cyber strategy in the foreseeable future.

The world fears that this strategy might give the U.S. forces an excuse for the external use of force.

In document "International strategy in the Network space" published on May 16 the U.S. said that it would relate the network freedom with its security and not rule out the use of force in case the cyber attack threatens the U.S. security.

In the new strategy the U.S. confirmed the possibility of the cyber attack being turned into a war action and granted the commanding officers the right to mount a retaliatory strike. This will, in fact, give adverse effect on the principle of law and the international relations as it implies the inclusion of the cyber attack in the definition of armed invasion.

A scrutiny into the U.S. Internet policy proves that it is consistent with the "double-dealing strategy" despite the change of expression. One part is that it would regard "Network freedom" as an important subsidiary means for conducting diplomacy worldwide and the other one is to contain rivals and ensure security under the pretext of "Network security."

This strategy implies that other countries have to "open their Internet door" while the U.S. may close its Internet door the same way it strangled Wikileaks under the pretext of "safeguarding the state security."

This cyber strategy of the U.S. forces connoting this contradictory logic can not but be a new pretext for the external use of force.

In many cases the U.S. needs "pretexts", not truth for this purpose.

The lesson of the Iraqi war proves this.

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