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Dressing of Koguryo People
Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The dressing of the people in the period of Koguryo, the first feudal state of Korea (277 BC-668 AD), was a sign of the developed culture of the Korean people.

Men used to wear trousers with crotches long enough to cover ankles and edges narrowed by string or cuff, while women put on long pleated skirts.

At that time, men of neighboring countries took on bell-bottomed trousers, tightened by string at the knees, and women wore long skirts with no pleat.

Rainbow-striped skirt could be seen in Koguryo only, except Japan influenced by the Korean people.

Trimmed collar and hem were also peculiar to the Koguryo women's dress.

A historical record of a neighboring nation says the Koguryo women's dress is characterized by trim.

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