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Kim Jong Il's Party Leadership Feats Praised by Russian, Nigerian Papers
Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- Russian and Nigerian papers carried special write-ups on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's start of his work at the C.C., the Workers' Party of Korea.

The Russian paper Patriot No. 21 edited an article with a photo of President Kim Il Sung standing with Kim Jong Il and other photos on his revolutionary activities.

He published many works, providing the WPK with a theoretical guarantee for correctly and confidently adhering to the socialist line without the slightest vacillation, the article said.

The Russian paper Nakhodkinski Rabochi on June 3 carried an article titled "Invincible banner for victory" illustrated with a photo of Kim Jong Il.

The article noted that he conducted energetic activities to develop the WPK into the party which had its roots struck deep among the popular masses and enjoys absolute support and trust of the people.

The WPK led by him will shine long as the banner for the certain victory of the socialist cause, it stressed.

The Nigerian paper Nigerian Observer on May 23 carried an article praising his party leadership feats.

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