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Kosan Fruit Farm Updated
Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The first and second phases of the project for updating the Kosan Fruit Farm were successfully completed in a matter of little more than a year. The farm is situated in Kangwon Province of the DPRK.

The appearance of a huge orchard covering about 1,000 hectares dramatically changed the appearance of the farm.

Several million short apple trees of high-yielding species are doing well there.

Members of the 618 Construction Shock Brigade removed at least 14 million cubic meters of earth during the period of the above-said project and flattened more than 60 hills and low hills and over 70 valleys to obtain a vast plain.

The gigantic project including the digging of trench-like ditches, the production and setting up of concrete supports and the construction of roads was pushed forward in a three dimensional manner.

Officials and other working people of the province dug up more than 135,700 ditches with a total length of more than 1,270 km and applied more than 100 tons to every hectare of the orchard in a matter of 40 days.

Members of the shock brigade successfully built buildings for producing concrete supports essential for building the orchard.

There appeared a building materials base having well-regulated production processes ranging from crushing gravel to processing and assembling iron wire, concrete tamping and hardening, making it possible to produce and supply as many concrete supports as they want.

Thanks to a high-pitched drive of the members of the shock brigade 11,000 concrete supports have been set up in the vast plain.

There stretch drainage canals with a length of dozens of km and there sprang up drainage set-ups in more than 100 places.

New dwelling houses stand in rows to match the landscape of the vast orchard.

The members of the shock brigade and agricultural workers of the farm massively planted fruit trees in the new orchard in good time in the spring of last year and this year.

All processes for the fruit production including the monitoring of fertility of soil, distribution of fruit trees and irrigation and the management of the farm have been on a scientific and intensive basis.

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