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Chinese People's Daily on Operation of Rajin Port
Beijing, May 30 (KCNA) -- The Chinese People's Daily on May 27 carried an article titled "Jilin transports domestic trade goods across border".

The paper introduced in detail the fact that the Hunchun Mining Co. of Jilin Coal Group has briskly used Rajin Port of the DPRK.

It said:

Experts analyzed that it is the shortest cut to transport mineral resources, grain, timber and other materials from the northeast China, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces in particular, to the industrial regions on the southeast coast of China via Rajin Port.

According to an estimation, the use of cargo ship from Rajin Port costs just about one third of the money spent for inland transport.

The chief of the Hunchun Mining Co. said that the transport of coal through Rajin Port to Shanghai and other provinces on the southeast coast takes shorter time, covers shorter distance and requires less money than railway transport or marine transport through a port in a city of Liaoning Province. This helped solve a difficult problem arising in the coal transport to the south of China, he added.

The Hunchun Mining Co. and the Shanghai Co. of China Steel Group signed a contract on purchase of huge amounts of coal in March this year. The Hunchun Mining Co. plans to transport 500,000 tons of coal across the border this year.

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