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KCNA on Distrust in US Implementation of Its Mideast Policy
Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- U.S. President Barack Obama's speech on the U.S. Mideast policy on May 19 has not received a response from the international community.

It is the view of media that an optimistic prospect of the Mideast peace process mentioned in his speech is in sharp contrast to the stalled Palestine-Israel peace process.

There are not a few rhetoric calling for peace, stability and prosperity in the region in his more than 7 page-long speech but there are a few substantial measures for them, according to Xinhua.

The New York Times in an article titled "Peace and change" said that Obama in his speech failed to advance any proposal that might dramatically change the situation surrounding the Palestine-Israel clash.

It is the views of many analysts that the Mideast policy enforced by the U.S. for the past several decades sparked off instability in the region and his recent speech is aimed at maintaining the U.S. domination over it.

The director for foreign policy studies of the Brookings Institution said that Obama failed to advance even a proposal that might interest people tactically, adding that his speech failed to spur on anything. He said that at present the U.S. is very upset over the situation in the region because it is afraid that it might go beyond its control.

The vice-director in charge of defense and foreign policy of the Cato Research Institute said that even if the U.S. administration may make its policy switchover, the Arabs' long-standing caution against the U.S. would not vanish in a short period.

A final agreement on reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas was adopted recently. This provided the political forces of Palestine with an environment to assert in one voice in the international arena and led to increasing the number of the countries supporting the establishment of an independent state of Palestine.

This development displeases Israel and the U.S., its patron.

If the U.S. is truly interested in the Mideast stability and peace, it should prove it in practice rather than talking.

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