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Japan's Settlement of Past Urged at Int'l Meeting
Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- A seminar on Japan's settlement of past and distortion of textbooks and cultural artifacts looted by it and a coordinating meeting of the International Solidarity Council Demanding Settlement of Japan's Past took place in Beijing on May 13 and 14.

Present there were representatives and personages of organizations from countries and regions involved in the International Solidarity Council, including the DPRK, China and Netherlands.

Speakers at the seminar cited facts to disclose that the crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese imperialists after their aggression on Asian countries have been justified, concealed and downplayed and Tok Islets of Korea are described as Japan's territory in the textbooks of secondary schools being examined and passed by the Japanese government.

They disclosed that the Japanese imperialists occupied Korea by force and destroyed or plundered its cultural properties during their colonial military and fascist rule, denouncing the wrong attitude and stand of the Japanese government which has refused to send back those cultural artifacts even though 66 years have passed since the defeat of Japanese imperialism.

They stressed the need to carry out dynamic actions to make the Japanese government thoroughly investigate and make public the Korean cultural properties and send them back according to the requirements of international law.

The coordinating meeting informed the activities conducted by several countries and organizations demanding Japan's settlement of its past.

The International Solidarity Council discussed and decided several action programs, too. They included the issue of conducting international solidarity activities aimed at wresting apologies and compensation from the Japanese government for the past crimes against humanity until 2015, the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the Japanese imperialists and the issue of setting the month of the international solidarity activities demanding Japan's settlement of the past on the occasion of August 15 this year and conducting intensive activities. Issues on disclosing the moves of the Japanese authorities and the right-wing reactionaries evading the responsibilities for the past crimes, increasing the ranks of the International Solidarity Council and putting great vitality into the activities of the organizations were also included in the programs.

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