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S. Korean Authorities' Cabinet Reshuffle under Fire
Pyongyang, May 24 (KCNA) -- The south Korean newspaper Hangyore carried an editorial on May 20 accusing the puppet authorities of carrying out a Cabinet reshuffle.

Referring to the announcement of the Cabinet reshuffle by Chongwadae on May 6, the editorial said that those who were informally designated as candidates for ministers are related to Lee Myung Bak privately.

Ryu Yong Suk, candidate for minister of Environment, has gone to the Somang Church since 2008 right after the appearance of the Lee Myung Bak regime, the editorial said, adding that there is strong argument about the nomination of Ryu despite her lack of knowledge about the environmental issue.

So Kyu Yong, candidate for minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Foodstuff, was busy working for Lee Myung Bak as a special aide for external cooperation and permanent special aide for "presidential" candidate of the election measure committee of the "Grand National Party" in the past "presidential elections", it noted.

People sufficiently experienced how the present "government" failed in the state administration after the Cabinet was formed as a result of the unreasonable policy of personnel affairs, it said, accusing Lee of nominating only his close associates.

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