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Months of Herb Cultivation in Korea
Pyongyang, May 3 (KCNA) -- April and May are months of medicinal herb cultivation in Korea.

Herb farms in South and North Phyongan Provinces have finished sowing of several dozen species of medical plants and tended seedbeds for planting herb seedlings in early May.

Chongjin, Kim Chaek, Yonsa, Kyongwon and other cities and counties of North Hamgyong Province have planted herbs on mountains covering hundreds of hectares.

Herb seedlings are also provided in the way of tissue culture.

Tissue culture facilities have been built in herb farms throughout the country.

Mangyongdae Herb Management Station, Sangwon Herb Farm and Chollima Koryo Medicine Factory have cultivated many species of herbs, including salvia mileriorrhiza, in the way of tissue culture.

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