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Grand Magic Opens in Pyongyang
Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- The premiere of the Grand Magic was given at the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang on the evening of Monday.

The performance began when the dazzling columns of fire rose, brightly lighting the stadium and the band played dynamic and cheerful music.

A juggler presenting stunt on a motorcycle inside a rectangular balloon disappeared while a large bus carrying people also disappeared in the air like a phantom.

Eye-catching and fascinating magic pieces were presented one after another. Acrobats flew in the air, creating the impression that they were in the weightless state, a man on the stage was nimbly replaced by a woman in the air, big animals such as elephant, horse and bear appear from the place nobody knows.

The performance climaxed when the helicopter appeared in a twinkle of an eye and lifted a box which contained a magician whose whole body was tied with a rope after appearing on the stage. The scene showing the performer successfully escaping from the box while it dropped from the air dozens of meters high won the admiration of the spectators for his bold conception and tactful representation.

Conspicuous were the grand stage, varieties of illuminations including electronic displays, laser beams splendidly decorating the three-dimensional space, sound effect in perfect harmony with magic and fantastic fires.

The Grand Magic was acclaimed by the spectators for its high level of grand artistic and three-dimensional representation.

Among the spectators were officials concerned, working people here, foreign guests and overseas Koreans.

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