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Report on Implementation of State Budget for 2010 and 2011
Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- Deputy Pak Su Gil, vice-premier and minister of Finance, delivered a report on the results of the implementation of the DPRK state budget for last year and its state budget for this year at the Fourth Session of the 12th Supreme People's Assembly held on Thursday.

According to the report, last year's state budgetary revenue was overfulfilled 1.3 percent and its plan for state budgetary expenditure was carried out at 99.9 percent.

The state budgetary allocations for light industry and agriculture last year showed a 10.9 percent and 9.4 percent increase respectively as compared with that in the previous year. The state budgetary expenditure for the pilot domains of national economy, basic industrial domains and capital construction last year went up 8 percent and 12.9 percent respectively over the previous year.

8.1 percent greater financial disbursement than the previous year was made for the field of science and technology and 6 percent bigger fund than that in the previous year was spent for the implementation of the popular policies.

15.8 percent of the total state budgetary expenditure was spent for national defence last year.

The state budget for this year has been shaped in such a way as to radically boost the light industry and agricultural production, revitalize the overall economic construction and conduct a dynamic drive to break through the latest science and technology in all fields to lay a solid foundation for an economic power.

This year's plan for state budgetary revenue is expected to grow 7.5 percent over last year's.

The national budgetary revenue is expected to hold 83.9 percent of the total state budgetary revenue and local budgetary revenue 16.1 percent.

The revenue from transaction and the profits of state-run enterprises are expected to hold 78.5 percent of the total state budgetary revenue this year and the profits of cooperative organizations, the fixed asset depreciation, the income from real estate rent and social insurance are expected to swell 3.8 percent, 1.4 percent, 0.7 percent and 0.4 percent respectively as compared with those last year.

This year's plan for state budgetary expenditure is expected to show an 8.9 percent increase over last year. The budgetary allocation for the light industry is expected to go up 12.9 percent and a huge budgetary disbursement will be made for local industry, too.

9 percent more funds than last year will go to agriculture, funds needed for farming will be provided on a priority basis and the expenditure for the pilot domains and basic industries of the national economy is expected to go up 13.5 percent over last year.

The financial allocation for the capital construction will go up 15.1 percent over last year to hasten the construction of important objects and complete them at the earliest possible date. 10.1 percent bigger financial allocation than last year will be made for scientific and technological development in order to fulfill the five-year plan for state scientific and technological development, positively push forward the work for putting industrial domains on a modern and CNC basis and successfully solve scientific and technical issues arising in the building of an economic power.

Huge funds will go to the cultural construction and land improvement and city management.

15.8 percent of the total state budgetary expenditure is expected to be spent for national defence for this year.

A large amount of educational aid fund and stipends will be sent for the children of Koreans in Japan this year, too.

For the successful fulfillment of the state budget for this year it is necessary for all domains and units of the national economy to give full play to the mental power of the producer masses, economize manpower, materials and funds and cut down as much as possible nonproductive expenditure and thus carry out the monthly and quarterly plans for budgetary revenue without fail, the reporter stressed.

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